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Nate Pile

Founder and Editor of Nate's Notes - "Helping Main Street Beat Wall Street Since 1995"

Investment Strategy

While there is no set formula Mr. Pile uses when choosing stocks, the first screen is always done at the fundamental level. For a company to even make it onto Nate’s list for consideration, it must have a compelling long-term growth story (be it a new product or a significantly better version of an existing product or service), and its management team must have a clear and sensible business plan against which investors can measure the company’s progress over the years. When looking at a company from this standpoint, Pile always asks himself a question he first saw posed several years ago in a book on Warren Buffet’s investment philosophy, namely “if the stock market closed for five years and we could not trade the stock again until the market re-opened, would we be still be happy buying the stock today?” If the answer is “yes,” then there is a chance the stock will make it into his portfolio.

Generally, speaking, Nate tends to build positions in stocks with a three- to five-year time period in mind, though as long as a company is continuing to execute on its business plan, he is likely maintain at least a partial position in the stock for a much longer period of time based on the old Wall Street maxim "When is the best time to sell a great growth company? Never!"  In fact, many of the stocks in Nate's Marketocracy portfolio have been there since the early 2000s (albeit with some scaling-in and scaling-out along the way in response to changed market conditions).

Along with the above, it is also worth noting that, given his background, a majority of his picks tend to come from the biotech and high-tech sectors.

(NMF) npile's Mutual Fund
17+ YRS (As of: 03/23/2020) 14.26% 7.80% View Fund Stats
15 YRS 12.60% 8.58% Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 15 years.  
10 YRS 12.56% 12.10% Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 10 years.  
5 YRS 1.46% 9.75% Fund has a 5 year track record.  
3 YRS 6.20% 10.13% Fund has a 3 year track record.  
1 YR -1.67% 6.68% Fund has a 1 year track record.  
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  • NMF Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 15 years.
    Feb 29, 2020
  • NMF Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 10 years.
    Feb 29, 2020

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